Robeks Makes a Change for a Healthier Planet

Robeks Makes a Change for a Healthier Planet

Premium smoothie and juice franchise Robeks has long prided itself on making it easy for people to make healthy food choices — and now we’re making it easy to improve the health of our planet.

Starting this summer, Robeks will switch from foam cups to Earth-friendly recyclable plastic cups. Many guests requested the change. We listened.

Robeks will be one of the first smoothie chains in the country to turn away from foam cups. Instead, its new cups will be made of polypropylene, which uses less material, 50% less energy to produce, and can easily be recycled many times. Bins in each store will make recycling easy and convenient.

“Robeks guests come to us because they know that we value their health and they want to enjoy a delicious, nutritious, and refreshing Robeks drink or bowl,” said CEO Steve Davidson. “They know that today’s choices determine tomorrow’s outcomes, so it’s natural for them to be concerned about the health of the environments inside and outside of their bodies. We’re very excited and pleased to make this switch to help make our planet a healthier place and its resources more sustainable. We hope our competitors follow suit.”

Robeks has been serving nutritious refreshment in a cup to guests since 1996. Its smoothies and juices provide the delicious benefits of earth’s natural bounty. Its smoothie and juice restaurants use whole, raw, unprocessed fruits and vegetables. They never use artificial flavors or preservatives. Fresh fruits and vegetables are prominently displayed in Robeks stores so customers can see every nutritious ingredient that goes into the blender or juicer. With the new clear cups, nature’s bounty is still visible when we hand a cup full of delicious Robeks nutrition to each customer.

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