SONIC’s New Asiago Caesar Chicken Club Sandwich Offers a Deliciously Fresh Take on Tradition

SONIC's New Asiago Caesar Chicken Club Sandwich Offers a Deliciously Fresh Take on Tradition
SONIC Drive-In has re-imagined the club sandwich – a classic that’s been around for longer than a century – to introduce the new Asiago Caesar Chicken Club Sandwich. This sandwich builds on the popularity of the original favorite with the addition of premium ingredients and new flavors like Asiago cheese and Caesar dressing.

“SONIC customers appreciate the classics – we are a drive-in, after all – but also want to discover new and different flavor combinations,” said James O’Reilly, SONIC chief marketing officer. “This is yet another example of our effort to bring more premium chicken sandwich options to our guests, and so far it’s been a hit – even with the burger crowd!”

The Asiago Caesar Chicken Club is available with grilled or crispy all white-meat chicken on a soft whole grain ciabatta bun (offering 10 grams of whole grain) with tangy Asiago cheese, SONIC’s signature Caesar dressing, crispy bacon, hand-sliced tomatoes and fresh romaine lettuce. The sandwich is a great lunch or dinner choice paired with a side of SONIC’s Tots and a Route 44 Cherry Limeade.

“We worked with many different ingredients to determine the most flavorful additions to the classic chicken club, and created one my favorite sandwiches yet,” said Chef Claes Petersson, vice president of product innovation at Sonic Corp. “I am especially proud of our signature Caesar dressing sauce. It is an aioli base, which means garlic mayonnaise in French, and it’s one of my all-time favorite sauces. The crispy bacon addition takes it to an even higher level!”

Along with the entire SONIC menu, the Asiago Caesar Chicken Club Sandwich is made to order and available all day, but only for a limited time.

The sandwich is currently featured in a national television ad featuring SONIC’s iconic Two-Guys.