Squisito Hits The Ground Running in 2018

Squisito Hits The Ground Running in 2018

Squisito Pizza & Pasta is coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Squisito Hits The Ground Running in 2018Squisito Pizza & Pasta has combined successful people, successful tools and successful locations to expand across America. In 2017 the brand reached new heights through multiple store openings, new franchisees and a partnership with Franchise Dynamics to make the expansion come to life.

Squisito’s core values are what make the brand stand out. Through franchisee and corporate expansion, Squisito is determined to bring strong family values, delicious, authentic Italian food and neighborhood support to every location. Franchisees are backed by a support team with over 35 years of experience in the restaurant industry and a strong brand mission statement.

With little competition in the Italian Fast Casual space and a combination of old world recipes with modern technology, Squisito offers a winning concept to franchisees. Squisito has an extensive menu and is well known for their New York style pizza with homemade sauce and delicious, fresh ingredients. Each location is equipped with multiple revenue streams including pizza by the slice, catering and beer and wine, to name a few, to help bring the sales to a new level.

Squisito Hits The Ground Running in 2018

The Squisito team is expanding into target markets across the Eastern seaboard. They are currently focusing on Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Future goals include a national expansion for the brand.

“We are looking to award another several new franchisees by the end of the first quarter of 2018. With the buzz of our concept, offerings and multiple store openings, the excitement to own a Squisito is better than ever. Nearing 15 total locations, franchise prospects have the opportunity to visit a store and test the brand for themselves. It’s no wonder our customers are now becoming our newest franchisees.  Our momentum will prove that 2018 will be our biggest year yet.,” said Michael Lassen, Vice President of Franchise Development for Franchise Dynamics, LLC.

With three new locations prepped to open in early 2018 with a strong marketing plan, Squisito is targeting specific neighborhoods that match demographics of current stores that they know will be successful for the brands expansion. Franchisee’s Kevin Trump and Martin Hernandez are set to open their first Squisito locations summer of 2018. With these new locations, Squisito is expanding to the Eastern Shore of Maryland and to Oakton, Virginia. There are infinite opportunities across the US for the franchises success.

Squisito Franchise Enterprises, Inc., based in Maryland, is the principle franchisor of the Squisito Pizza & Pasta and Meatballs, Etc. franchise opportunities. The Italian word “Squisito,” translated in English as “exquisite,” is a guiding principle applied to all facets of the Squisito franchise dining experience. Squisito Franchise Enterprises, Inc. combines delicious cuisine, fresh ingredients, fast casual ordering systems and an open-style kitchen in order to allow guests to experience the Italian traditions first hand.

Squisito Franchise Enterprises, Inc.’s new franchise concept, Meatballs, Etc., is a build your own dining experience in a fast casual restaurant. Guests have the opportunity to be their own chef by customizing their entrées. They can begin with everyone’s favorite staple the famous “Italian meatball”, and from there add fresh ingredients, sauces and toppings.

Learn more about the fast casual Italian franchise opportunities with Squisito Pizza & Pasta and Meatballs, Etc. at www.meatballsetcfranchise.com or www.squisitofranchise.com.