Starbucks Launches Marketing Assault with New Digital Network

Starbucks launched their much-anticipated Starbucks Digital Network on Wednesday.  The company collaborated with Yahoo! to bring the free Wi-Fi based digital world to life.  The network, which is only available while guests are at a Starbucks location, is the result of more than a year of work building the network and gathering information on what guests of the coffee house are looking for when it comes to content.

The in-house network is free to all visitors with a Wi-Fi compatible device and delivers content relevant to not only what consumers have indicated they are looking for, but also neighborhood and city specific content.  Starbucks and Yahoo! have teamed with a number of content providers to offer handpicked premium content.

During the week of the Starbucks Digital Network launch users will have even more reason to access the network as content providers are offering a number of free previews, downloads, and other features that would normally not be available or only available for a fee.  Special offers include:

  • Free access to two exclusive free songs from iTunes and a video from the new band Fistful of Mercy
  • A special preview clip from the acclaimed film Waiting for Superman
  • An extensive excerpt from best-selling author Anita Shreve’s new upcoming book Rescue

Aside from the additional free content during launch week, the Starbucks Digital Network provides guests with a number of different content channels for news, entertainment, wellness, business and careers, my neighborhoods, and a Starbucks channel.

Industry giants such as the New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, iTunes, Nick Jr. Boost, Rodale, and LinkedIn will provide content for the network. – Coffee News, Coffee Machines, Coffee Beans, and Everything in Between!