Teriyaki Madness Cooks Up Groundbreaking Technology: Drive-by Pickup Enhances Consumer Engagement

Teriyaki Madness Cooks Up Groundbreaking Technology: Drive-by Pickup Enhances Consumer Engagement

TMAD’s Mad Dash system offers unparalleled speed and convenience for curbside pickup, setting a new standard in the fast casual dining industry.

Teriyaki Madness Cooks Up Groundbreaking Technology: Drive-by Pickup Enhances Consumer EngagementTeriyaki Madness (TMAD) is spicing up their customer service with the introduction of their latest technology integration, Mad Dash. This cutting-edge system is designed to provide an unprecedented level of convenience for customers, ensuring that their fresh, hot food is handed to them as they arrive at the curb for pickup.

Mad Dash allows customers to place their orders via the TMAD app, which then tracks their real-time location as they approach the restaurant. By utilizing Teriyaki Space Tracking Technology, the system sends alerts to TMAD employees when customers are just minutes away and again as they are pulling up to the curb. This enables staff to be ready and waiting on the curb, delivering a seamless, drive-by-pickup experience where customers can simply pull up to the curb without even placing their car in park.

“We’re super excited about what’s going to be our big push for quarter three and beyond,” said Jodi Boyce, Chief Marketing Officer of Teriyaki Madness. “Before COVID, we had a lot of technology in place that other restaurants didn’t have. As others caught up during the pandemic, we focused on what the next big innovation would be. Mad Dash is our way of competing directly with traditional drive-thrus by offering even faster service than anyone in the industry.”

The rollout of Mad Dash has already shown unBOWLievable results. According to the data, TMAD’s curbside engagement is at 97%.. Additionally, 90% of customers have given a 5-star rating for the curbside experience, further highlighting the success of this leading-edge technology.

Max Richey, a TMAD Franchisee, shared his positive experience: “I met a customer curbside as she pulled in, even though she ordered for pickup. She was impressed with the speed and convenience. Many customers have commented that this is faster than drive-thrus, making it a standout service.”

Eddie Amezcua Jr., a shop owner in Del Rio, Texas, also praised Mad Dash: “Mad Dash is such a thrill! We love the rush of energy as we work swiftly to meet customer demands, ensuring every detail is perfect. It’s not just me; our customers also are excited about the speed and efficiency, getting what they need promptly. The team vibe for Mad Dash is fantastic; everyone is on their toes, collaborating seamlessly to make it happen. It’s a dynamic experience that keeps us all engaged and excited, delivering top-notch service while having a blast serving our customers.”

The introduction of Mad Dash also reflects TMAD’s commitment to supporting its franchisees by continually improving operations. By optimizing labor and processes in the kitchen, TMAD ensures that implementing new technologies like Mad Dash improves shop-level profitability even more.

“We and our franchisees are really excited about the potential of Mad Dash,” Boyce said. “We are always looking at what’s next, whether it’s artificial iIntelligence for operations, customer service or marketing; or it’s voice-activated ordering, text-to-order or other innovations that make it more convenient for customers to get their food. This is just the beginning. In the pursuit of pleasing our customers and supporting our franchisees, we are as much a technology company as we are an international chain of Teriyaki shops!”

With Mad Dash, Teriyaki Madness is wok-ing its way to the forefront of fast casual dining tech, blending customer happiness and franchisee success into every saucy bowl!

For more information, please visit TeriyakiMadness.com.

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