The Most Expensive Restaurant Menus in America

The Most Expensive Restaurant Menus in AmericaWhen it comes to dining, we all have our definitions of what qualifies as a “splurge.” For some, a visit to a restaurant where entrée prices exceed $20 is reserved for special occasions only; others have no problem ordering a $50 steak any night at all. There are expensive restaurants, and then there are the expensive restaurants, the ones where everyday folks are left wondering how anyone can actually afford to eat there and still have money for the cab ride home. Reserved for high-rollers only, these are the 30 most expensive restaurants in America.

The Old Homestead restaurant in New York City recently went far out of their normal price range, offering a decadent four-person meal for $35,000 ($8,750 per person): a Thanksgiving dinner complete with edible 24-carat gold flakes, sweet potatoes topped with caviar, and squab alongside the turkey. Granted, the dinner included city experiences such as grandstand seating at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and a shopping spree, but the experiences were built around the meal, and they actually sold some seats. But many restaurants offer lavish dinners all year ‘round; maybe not at $8,750 per person, but with exorbitantly high tabs nonetheless.

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