The Red Chickz Kicks Off the New Year with Big Plans

The Red Chickz Kicks Off the New Year with Big Plans

TikTok Famous Nashville Hot Chicken Restaurant Looks to Expand Through the Southwest

The Red Chickz Kicks Off the New Year with Big PlansThe Red Chickz – a TikTok famous Nashville hot chicken brand – is moving into 2022 with a productive year behind them and large goals for their future. After hitting one million followers on the platform, The Red Chickz saw the desire for their delicious hot chicken sandwiches and wants to continue bringing their food to people nationally for all to enjoy. The brand has plans to continue expanding, specifically throughout Arizona, Texas, Nevada and California. With their success in 2021, they have a new location opening in Culver City in February and intend on signing 85 new franchises within the next 18 months.

The Red Chickz continues to innovate to move the franchise into the future and provide their guests with an exceptional experience. With the pandemic still ongoing, customer and staff safety is a priority. To help everyone feel at ease, the brand plans to pilot self-ordering kiosks within their new Culver City location and eventually bring them into the rest of their restaurants.

“Our first location in Downtown Los Angeles has done remarkably well since opening in 2018 and we are confident that we will be just as successful in more places,” said Shawn Lalehzarian, founder of The Red Chickz. “We see huge potential in continuing to expand in California, as well as entering markets like Texas, Nevada, and Arizona.”

After immigrating to the United States from Iran, Lalehzarian found his first job working at a local restaurant in San Diego washing dishes. Not knowing much English at the time, he was able to improve his communication skills significantly as he discovered his passion for the restaurant industry. As he progressed through his career, he was promoted to higher-up positions and eventually landed a senior management role and it was then he realized his dream was to open his own restaurant. As a result, in 2018, The Red Chickz was then born. In 2021, Lalehzarian launched the franchise program for the Nashville hot chicken brand, showing that Shawn and The Red Chickz are a true example of the American dream.

“We are extremely passionate about serving high quality food in a fun, fast casual setting and the Southwest region is the perfect place for us to continue expanding,” said Lalehzarian. “Our social media following and success in Los Angeles has made it clear that a lot of people want to try our food for themselves and we couldn’t be happier to give them that opportunity.”

The Red Chickz brings Nashville to you with their own version of the city’s famous food. The initial investment necessary to open a single location ranges between $364,000 and $821,000.

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