Two New Limited Edition Pizza Creations Hit Aurelio’s Pizza

Two New Limited Edition Pizza Creations Hit Aurelio's Pizza
Aurelio's Pizza Mac & Cheese Pizza

Mac & Cheese Pizza and the Cheeseburger Pizza Debut June 1st

To make traditional comfort food even better, Aurelio’s Pizza is launching two new limited-edition specialty pizzas created by Aurelio’s employees  – the Mac & Cheese Pizza and the Cheeseburger Pizza – the first two in a series of six debuting two at a time and available for two-month periods.

Aurelio’s is family-owned and operated with franchisees that are like family. And, like any family, while everyone remains true to the famous family recipes and secrets, everyone also has their own special flair that builds on the original. To harness the imaginations of its inventive and passionate employees and franchisees, Aurelio’s is debuting six months of limited time only specialty pizzas to bring new and intriguing pies to its customers.

The Mac & Cheese Pizza, created by 37-year Aurelio’s veteran employee Jeff Binette, combines mozzarella and cheddar cheese, mostaccioli noodles, bacon and alfredo sauce on Aurelio’s crispy thin crust. Binette’s inspiration came from a late night conversation with one of his suppliers.

“When you’ve been in the pizza business for 37 years, you’re always looking for something interesting and different – your ears are always perked,” said Jeff Binette, general manager, Aurelio’s Homewood and creator of Aurelio’s Mac & Cheese Pizza. “There are lots of neat little pizzas that people haven’t tried. I put my tweaks to the Mac & Cheese pizza a supplier told me about – adding the alfredo sauce, blending the cheddar cheese with our mix – adding bacon and my co-workers loved it. I’m excited for our customers to try it come June 1.”

Two New Limited Edition Pizza Creations Hit Aurelio's Pizza
Aurelio's Pizza Cheeseburger Pizza

The Cheeseburger Pizza, created by 6-year Aurelio’s veteran Dylan Kulikowski, mixes up cheddar cheese, ground beef, onion, chopped pickle spears and a ketchup and mustard sauce on Aurelio’s crispy thin crust. Kulikowski’s creation was sparked by a craving he hopes will catch the attention of other cheeseburger lovers.

“One day I was really in the mood for a cheeseburger, but since we are a pizzeria, we didn’t have any, so I decided to make a pizza version,” said Dylan Kulikowski, kitchen manager, Aurelio’s Pizza Hobson West and creator of the Cheeseburger Pizza. “My co-workers were suspiciously curious, and most all of them absolutely loved it. It tastes like a really incredible cheeseburger.”

“We are passionate about pizza – in all of its many delicious and imaginative forms. We’ve been around for over half a century and franchise-wide, our team is pretty inventive,” said Kirk Mauriello, director of franchising, Aurelio’s Pizza. “We thought it would be fun for our customers to try some of the ingenious creations our employees and franchisees come up with so we’re launching our medium-sized limited time only specialty pizzas.”

From June 1 until end of November, in two-month durations, Aurelio’s will be debuting two limited time only specialty pizzas created by its employees and franchisees across its 41 stores in six states – the Mac & Cheese Pizza and the Cheeseburger Pizza are the first in the series of six.

With a history as rich and entrenched in the community as the pizza it’s famous for, the very first Aurelio’s restaurant opened on Ridge Road in Homewood, IL as the pride and joy of Joseph A. Aurelio, Jr. who decided to give it a go as a restaurateur at the age of 26. With its legendary “old oven” dating back to 1959 in its Homewood location, Aurelio’s was a pioneer in the concept of the Family Pizzeria in the United States and helped to launch pizza into the American lexicon. Since that time, Aurelio’s has become one of Chicagoland’s claims to fame. And, transplanted Chicagoans all over the map have helped to bring their favorite pizzeria franchise to 41 cities across six states, growing a strong fan base for the taste of Aurelio’s.

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