What Real Time Christmas Spending Looks Like

What Real Time Christmas Spending Looks Like

Hint: Chocolate Santas & Candy Canes are Still Big

What Real Time Christmas Spending Looks LikeCouponbox.com, one of the largest and most influential discount coupon companies globally, released a real-time calculator today showing how America shops for its biggest retail holiday of the year. Gift cards are HUGE, with numbers in the millions. The convenience of giving gift cards has increased steadily over the years, which is an understandable trend. What is more surprising from the research compiled by Couponbox.com, is that many traditional Christmas treats and trimmings are being purchased. Here are the surprising statistics uncovered:

  • Candy canes are big. The US produces 1.76 billion canes each year—enough for each American to have five;
  • 150 million chocolate santas are made each year;
  • Thousands of liters of eggnog are sold (but is it all consumed, that’s the question?)
  • Even with the digital age of Evites, texts and social media, Christmas or holiday cards are still being purchased: more than 1.6 billion actually;
  • Men spend more than women on average for Christmas gifts : $607 vs women at $582.

Check out all the real time Christmas shopping information here: http://www.couponbox.com/christmas-in-real-time/

Source: Couponbox.com

Couponbox.com, an international online discount coupon company based in Austria, is launching in the US. The infographic can be embedded on your site at this link: