Why So Many Different Kinds of People Flock to Robeks Premium Smoothie and Juice Franchise

Why So Many Different Kinds of People Flock to Robeks Premium Smoothie and Juice Franchise
Robeks premium smoothie and juice franchise is a popular choice with many kinds of consumers — families, athletes, healthy eaters and more.

Robeks premium smoothie and juice franchise has helped the industry grow from a niche player to a mainstream hit

Over the past 18 years Robeks has developed into the industry’s premier smoothie and juice franchise. We’ve built a brand that is synonymous with healthy lifestyles and active living. In the process, we’ve watched smoothies and fresh-squeezed juices change from niche products to mainstream menu choices.

There may be a lot more players in the smoothie and juice industry these days, but Robeks stands out as the premium brand on the market. We’re trailblazers in a hot industry, and we’re also experiencing a long-term growth surge. A typical Robeks premium smoothie and juice franchise now attracts customers from a wide demographic, and that means more business for our franchisees.

Robeks remains a gathering place for people who want to live healthier lifestyles, but we’re also popular with many “subgroups.” The bottom line: There’s really no such thing as a “typical” Robeks customer. We are a popular choice for many kinds of consumers. Here’s a partial list of them:

The mobile workforce: Not all smoothies and fresh-squeezed juices are just for health; sometimes our customers want a great-tasting and sweet dessert alternative. For many people, a smoothie or nutrition-packed glass of fresh-squeezed juice can be a refreshing mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. Robeks sees salesmen, police officers, technicians and other service workers throughout the day who stop in to get smoothies between calls.

Athletes of all ages: Robeks takes pride in delivering the nutrition that customers need, and those needs can be very different for an athlete. We can provide extra protein and extra carbs depending on training needs and goals. We understand that the best pre-workout smoothie is not the same as the best post-workout smoothie.We can make a smoothie to help boost metabolism, optimize workout performance, provide needed protein and/or burn fat.

The “health first” consumer: These are the customers who used to have to make smoothies and fresh juices at home or get them at health-food stores, and who didn’t have a quick option for healthy smoothies and fresh-squeezed juice before Robeks. They care too much about their bodies to put junk into them, and they tend to view food as fuel that is as important for its nutrition as it is for its taste. They are loyal Robeks customers because we give them both — top-of-the-line nutrition and excellent, natural flavor. They visit the stores frequently, often five to seven times a week, mostly at breakfast.

The smoothie generation: Smoothies started to go mainstream in the 1990s, so there is now an entire generation for whom smoothies are a normal, everyday choice. These are children of the “health first” crowd that first flocked to Robeks and were eager to share excellent nutrition with their kids. Robeks stores near schools often become a prime gathering spot for high school students, college students and younger people — a gathering place where people make friends who will help reinforce one another’s healthy lifestyles.

Dieters: Fresh-fruit smoothies can be an important part of a serious weight-loss plan. For many people who have busy lives, opting for a smoothie for breakfast or lunch is an easy way to control calorie intake. Robeks premium smoothie and juice franchise offers a variety of smoothies aimed at people seeking to lose weight, and these customers stick with their choices for several months at time.
Baby boomers: A lot of people are trying to escape years of bad eating habits, and they turn to Robeks to help them make better choices. As baby boomers age, bad habits are starting to catch up. Doctors have told them they need to eat better and take better care of themselves — and they are looking for ways to be healthier without feeling like they’re being punished by a bland, boring menu. Robeks gives them exotic flavors and healthy options so they still get to enjoy food.

Juicing fans: One of the reasons Robeks is considered a premium smoothie and juice franchise is because of our extensive — and delicious — menu of fresh-squeezed juices. To maintain maximum nutritional value, ensure freshness and prevent oxidation, we juice our fruits and vegetables to order.The quality and scope of our juicing truly sets us apart from competitors. Kale, spinach, cucumbers, celery, beets, ginger and cayenne peppers are all on the menu — as well as apples, lemons, oranges and carrots. None of it is pre-juiced.

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Robeks uses only premium ingredients and is a leader among healthy businesses. We have more than 200 franchises open or in development worldwide, and all of them are gathering places for people who want to live healthier lifestyles. To learn more about Robeks premium smoothie and juice franchise and how you can profit by making it easier for your community to eat healthy, download our free franchise report at www.RobeksFranchise.com and check out our customer and franchise owner reviews.