10 Football Season Promotions for Your Bar

10 Football Season Promotions for Your Bar

Football season is upon us, and it brings with it tons of opportunities for your bar. Of course you can just put the game on, but it helps to run some fun specials and promotions to attract customers. After all, they can watch the game at any bar—you want to make sure they come to yours! Check out these 10 ideas for football season specials that will help your bar boost business!

1. Let customers be part of the game.

Team up with local stadiums to give away prizes that will help fans become part of the game! For example, Bully’s Sports Bar runs a contest where first responders and veterans can win the opportunity to shoot off a cannon during a football game. What unique opportunities can you come up with if you work with your local team? It’s also a good idea to give away tickets as contest prizes.

2. Scoring discounts.

You can get customers invested in the game by offering discounts if your team scores. For example, you might decide that if your team scores a certain number of points, everyone in your bar gets a free appetizer. What you offer is up to you, but tying your specials to the team’s performance is a good way to up your atmosphere.

3. Tailgate.

Tailgating isn’t just for the stadium…you can bring the fun to your bar, too! If you have ample outdoor space, consider bringing the party outside and serving food and drinks in your parking lot before the game.

4. Bring in the stars.

Former football players, coaches, or cheerleaders can add a little bit of star power to your bar on game day. They can sign merchandise and their presence will get customers excited.

5. Fantasy football draft parties.

It’s no secret that fantasy football is mega-popular. In fact, there are about 36 million fantasy sports players in the U.S. and Canada! You can bring some of these fans in to your bar by offering draft parties and special deals for fantasy football players.

6. Change up your menu.

You might have a separate menu for happy hour—why not get one for game day? If you don’t want to revamp your whole menu, consider creating some new menu items for game day. You can name a burger after your team’s best player.

7. Create new cocktails.

The same goes for drinks—why not create a few new themed cocktails to serve on game day? Customers will appreciate the chance to try something new.

8. Offer a keepsake.

Consider charging more for a drink if your customers want to take home a souvenir cup—printed with your team’s logo, of course. But you don’t have to give out cups. Think about t-shirts, hats, or other sports memorabilia.

9. Open up early.

Not every game takes place during “typical” bar hours (nighttime), so open up early. But don’t just make it business as usual—if there’s an early game, change things up by creating a brunch menu.

10. Football Games.

Your bar customers can take part in Buzztime BlitzIt’s football trivia, polling and prediction questions during game breaks. Customers that come to watch the game can grab a Playmaker gaming device and play along. It’s fun for everyone and can be played until the Big Game!

Be sure to take advantage of football season by offering awesome promotions that will bring in customers and boost business!

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