Customer Retention Ideas You Can Take to the Bank

Every restaurant owner today knows that the ability to maintain a steady flow of loyal, returning customers is worth its weight in gold. If you’re searching for ways to improve your customer retention strategy, here are some helpful tips you can take to the bank.

Focus on continual quality improvement:

Just a quick glance at Yelp will remind you that when it comes to the quality of your restaurant’s food, service and overall customer experience, there’s always room for improvement. Even if the feedback from your customers is generally positive, restaurants that will stay ahead of the competition are those that are always finding opportunities to further raise the bar.

Prevent problems from becoming bigger ones:

In order to troubleshoot problems that are keeping customers from coming back to your restaurant you need to be able to identify them in the first place. It’s vital to have a close beat on what your customers are thinking and saying about your restaurant so that issues can be resolved before they impact your bottom line.

Put your true brand ambassadors to work utilizing social media:

Your loyal customers are among your best brand ambassadors, yet they are often underutilized. Get your existing customers excited about spreading the good news about your restaurant through their own social networks by giving them good reasons to do so. Whether it’s in exchange for a gift card to their next meal or simply because they love your restaurant, sometimes all it takes is asking them to do something specifically to help to get them to take action.

Enhance the customer experience with in-venue games and entertainment:

Today’s restaurant consumers love their digital devices, and what better way to keep them entertained longer than by giving them on-demand games and entertainment while they drink and dine, powered by our Buzztime BEOND platform. Best of all, these in-venue games create customer loyalty and a great atmosphere at your place!

Give your loyal customers more reasons to feel like VIP’s:

Show your gratitude to customers for their patronage by making them feel like the VIP’s they are. Even just simple personal touches such as having the Chef greet them at their table go a long way in creating a memorable impression on your guests.

Be consistent:

One of the worst things a restaurant can do is offer an inconsistent experience. For instance, it’s much better to create a simpler menu that can be executed properly and consistently than be overly ambitious and risk missing the mark during a rush time or holiday. Not to say you shouldn’t be inventive, but proceed with caution.

Run targeted promotions:

According to a Forbes article on customer retention, 80 percent of your future revenue will come from 20 percent of your current customers. Running effective and targeted promotions are an important way to retain customers by keeping them actively connected with your brand.
When it comes to customer retention, sometimes all it takes is being aware of its importance and putting some basic fundamentals to work in order to grow your business. Good luck!

Article provided by Buzztime.

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