How to Create Unforgettable Customer Experiences in Your Bar

In the bar industry, standing out from the competition rides on your bar’s ability to create exceptional, unforgettable customer experiences that will keep guests coming back.

From setting the right atmosphere to the signature drinks that your bar serves, here are some winning ideas to help you create customer experiences ensuring that your bar stands out from the crowd.

Know who your customers are and what they are looking for in a bar:

Since it’s impossible to be everything to everyone, it is essential to first establish who your target customers are and then focus on what they are looking for in a bar and entertainment venue. Conduct surveys, ask for guests’ feedback and take simple Facebook polls to find out what qualities would make your customers become loyal, repeat patrons.

Host special events that draw a crowd:

Beyond offering daily drink specials or Happy Hour, your customers will want to return to your bar for specific special events that they can look forward to attending. Bring in live entertainment or host live Trivia events, such as those powered by our BEOND platform, giving customers a fun way to compete for great prizes, rewards and bragging rights! Fun live events create memories for guests and an unforgettable experience they will want to come back for!

Strive to give every guest the VIP treatment:

Your customers will appreciate those gestures that make them feel welcome and special in your bar. Such gestures could be as simple as saying thank you or having the bar manager visit guests at their table to find out how they are doing. These small actions can make a big difference.

Encourage sharing of photos and personal stories:

Ask your loyal guests to share their own personal memories and experiences from your bar with other customers and fans. Encourage Facebook check-ins and photo sharing and showcase personal stories and photos of guests who have made their own memories at your bar, such as a wedding proposal, birthday or other special occasion.

Make the atmosphere unique and reflective of your bar’s brand identity:

One of the most important things you can do for your bar is to establish the right atmosphere which reflects your bar’s overall concept and brand identity. Ambiance is one of the most critical aspects of any successful bar business.

Incentivize customers to celebrate their upcoming special occasions in your bar:

By capturing your customers’ personal information, such as their birthday or wedding anniversary, you can use email marketing and social media to invite guests back to your bar to celebrate their upcoming special occasions. Offer complimentary drinks or special discounts to your customers when they celebrate their special occasions and events in your bar.

Let your creativity run wild with signature drinks:

Signature drinks are one of the best ways to showcase your bar’s creativity, style and pinash. Experiment with fun concoctions, garnishes and drink names to make your signature drinks a draw for customers.

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