Is Free a Good Strategy for Your Bar?

Is Free a Good Strategy for Your Bar?

Does your bar give things away for free? You might think that simply giving away things is counterproductive. Of course you shouldn’t give away everything your bar sells, but that doesn’t mean that giving away things on a smaller scale can’t be a great idea. In fact, free might be an awesome strategy for your bar! Keeping reading to find out why you might consider offering a few freebies to your customers!

It encourages new customers to come in.

Trying out a new bar can be a gamble, especially if customers already have their old favorites. After all, what if a new bar isn’t any good—that’s just wasted money and wasted time. However, you can help customers get over the “wasted money” part of that hurdle by offering some freebies. You don’t need to do anything huge. A free appetizer or some simple bar snacks can make a big difference when it comes to getting customers in the door!

It can boost your social media following.

Columbus restaurant Pizza Cucinova gave away free pizzas when it opened a new location. However, not just anyone could grab a free pizza…customers had to prove that they had “liked” the company’s Facebook page. Trying this strategy can increase your Facebook fans or Twitter followers! Simply give away something special to anyone who can show that they follow you on social media and you may find yourself with tons of new fans!

It can increase customer loyalty.

You probably have customers who come in every weekend or even a few nights a week. Of course you value their loyalty, but do they know how important they are to your business? An occasional freebie can be a great way to let customers know how valuable they are (and keep them coming back again and again).

It encourages people to buy more.

Giving a customer a free drink might sound like a way to lose money, but do you think customers will stop at one drink? No way! A free drink just encourages customers to order another drink…or another two drinks, or an entrée, etc.

It can help smooth things over.

No matter how great your bar is, you’ll always have customers who just aren’t happy with the wait time, their food, or their service. Giving a customer something on the house can be a great way to make sure the customer goes home happy, even if his/her time at your bar wasn’t perfect.

Giving away things for free might seem like a counterproductive strategy, but it can be a great way to get new customers, boost your social media following, increase customer loyalty, encourage people to buy more, and smooth things over with unhappy customers.

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