Waldman Naturals Launches Kickers Powdered Food Enhancer

Waldman Naturals Launches Kickers Powdered Food EnhancerWaldman Naturals Launches Kickers Powdered Food EnhancerThanks to an all-natural bodybuilding champion trying to add some natural flavor to his boring oatmeal while getting into the best shape of his life, the foodservice industry is about to get a shot in the arm, one sprinkle at a time.

Waldman Naturals, Inc. today announced the launch of Kickers powdered food enhancer, an all-natural fruit-based, gluten-free, product designed to “Sprinkle a little goodness” onto a variety of foods.

Waldman Naturals Launches Kickers Powdered Food Enhancer
Dave Waldman, founder and CEO
of Waldman Naturals

“Truth be told, other than a few common spices and sweeteners, I couldn’t find any natural powdered products on store shelves to add some enticing fruit flavor to my otherwise bland tasting foods so I turned to my kitchen for answers,” said entrepreneur Dave Waldman, founder and CEO of Waldman Naturals. “We created Kickers because we believe food should stay the way nature intended – pure and simple. We know that simple doesn’t have to mean boring so our goal was to create a product that could add a burst of flavor to a variety of foods, naturally. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

Kickers was just named a finalist by Informa Exhibitions for the 2014 SupplySide consumer packaged goods (CPG) Editor’s Choice Awards banquet based on achieving market impact in the Specialty Supplement category.

Kickers is an all-natural blend of real fruit, spices, sweeteners and other Non-GMO ingredients that contain no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup.  Kickers comes in four great-tasting flavors: Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana, Maple Banana Cream, and Strawberry Banana.

“Sprinkle Kickers onto oatmeal, hot and cold cereals, pancakes, ice cream, yogurt, toast, smoothies, protein drinks, and more,” continued Waldman. “They’re a convenient, controllable, ready-to-use way to sprinkle a little fruit-flavored goodness directly onto your favorite foods, snacks, and meals. They’re perfect for parents, kids, health enthusiasts and anyone else who loves the taste of real fruit flavor while avoiding all those harmful food additives.”

Packaged in a 25-serving family-sized pouch starting at $9.99 and a double serving stick pack starting at $1.39, Kickers is on sale on the company’s website: www.tastekickers.com and will soon be available at health, grocer, retail locations and restaurants nationwide. For more information, visit Kickers at www.facebook.com/tastekickers, www.pinterest.com/tastekickers and on Twitter @tastekickers.

Waldman Naturals Launches Kickers Powdered Food EnhancerAbout Waldman Naturals, Inc.

We’re passionate about creating the world’s best-tasting, all-natural powered fruit blends to make wholesome foods even more delicious. We’ve created an exciting new product and category that’s on trend with what today’s consumers and retailers demand:

  • Naturally delicious “real” foods free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, trans-fats, or high fructose corn syrup
  • Gluten Free food alternatives with no GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • Healthy products that are convenient and ready to use with all kinds of foods that the whole family can enjoy

Our goal is to make a difference by inspiring and educating people to live healthier lives while giving back to our community in meaningful ways. Waldman Naturals can be reached at 866-927-2070.