Customize Your Perfect Meal at America’s Favorite Diner

To ring in 2012, Denny’s now offers an online tool for guests who are taking a greater interest in what they eat.  The Denny’s Meal Calculator, available on dennys.comand the diner’s mobile site, offers the comprehensive nutritional value on all of Denny’s dishes, providing guests with an interactive way to mix and match menu items and allowing them to customize a meal suitable for their dietary desires.

Famous for offering a high variety of choice, such as lighter, leaner, fiber-rich or protein-packed Fit Fare® menu items like the Chicken Avocado Sandwich and Fit Slam® breakfast, as well as more indulgent selections like Pancake Puppies® or the famous Bacon Slamburger™, Denny’s always offers something for everyone to enjoy.

“At Denny’s we pride ourselves on offering a wide assortment of menu options, with an open approach to dining that ensures every guest who walks through our door leaves completely satisfied,” said John Dillon, vice president of marketing and product development for Denny’s.  “With the introduction of our new Meal Calculator, diners have the ability to choose exactly what meal suits their needs, whether they’re at Denny’s for a treat or trying to stay on track with a balanced diet.”

Using the Meal Calculator, diners can select desired menu items from a categorized list and as they do, a nutritional table will begin to build, complete with images, allowing them to view the meal they have created.

Those looking to enjoy a lower calorie meal, dishes with more fiber, or simply double checking exactly how much they’ll be indulging with some savory fare, this easy-to-use tool allows them to do so before visiting or while sitting at Denny’s.  Once complete, users are able to print their nutritional table for easy reference every time they visit Denny’s.

The Meal Calculator is the latest offering from Denny’s as the diner continues to evolve their menu and capabilities available to guests.  Denny’s Fit Fare® menu items, which launched in 2011, provide diners with healthy eating choices that don’t compromise on taste, value or variety.  Fit Fare® dishes, which are lower in fat and calories, and higher in protein and fiber, have been integrated directly into the standard menu along with their nutritional information.

Allergen information, dishes designed for children and seniors, as well as unique limited-time menus offering extravagant items like the Midwestern Meat and Potatoes Sandwich, Bread Pudding French Toast and the famous Fried Cheese Melt, are all among the ways Denny’s ensures that whatever your taste, budget or dining requirements, there is something for everyone.

“We hope our guests will view and use the Meal Calculator as their individual tool to make the most of all Denny’s has to offer, allowing them to choose and create the most delicious meal suitable for them,” added Dillon.