MustHaveMenus Restaurant Customers Succeed With Instant Menu Printing and Matching Real-Time Web Updates

MustHaveMenus Restaurant Customers Succeed With Instant Menu Printing and Matching Real-Time Web Updates

MustHaveMenus, the leader in menu management, today publicly announced instant printing and real-time web updating to further simplify the tasks of creating in-house menus and publishing them to mobile, web, and social channels. By managing both of these tasks, MustHaveMenus promises restaurants more consistency for their current and prospective customers by matching online menus to the daily printed menus.

Previously, users of MustHaveMenus’ menu management service designed a menu online, then downloaded a PDF for home or local printing. By teaming up with a full-service print provider, MustHaveMenus now offers its members top-quality professional menu printing without leaving the site. Competitive pricing and quick delivery make the instant printing service a big time-saver for busy restaurateurs.

Restaurant owners nationwide have been eagerly beta testing the new printing services. “At Jager Tavern and Grill, we relied heavily on MustHaveMenus during our grand opening to create and print our first set of menus. They truly reflect our Team Jager personality,” stated Nancy Boltwood, co-owner of Jager Tavern and Grill in Sarasota, Florida. “Their ability to help us organize and build a very large menu made a daunting task seem simple. Also, using the MustHaveMenus Facebook menu app gave us a true start-to-finish menu solution.”

Additionally, users have been beta testing real-time Web updates for their menus across Facebook and their own websites. The ability to keep menus in sync across multiple platforms is critical for restaurants, whose tech-savvy consumer base increasingly relies on online menu previews to inform their dining selections.

“Customers today have instant access to all of our menus, specials and events and they expect this information to be correct upon arrival,” said Alexander Eisele, GM of Kurt’s Euro Bistro in Duluth, Georgia. “MustHaveMenus gives us the ability to instantly update all of our menus on all of our sites all at once. The risk of having outdated information across the web is diminished by using MustHaveMenus.”

According to MustHaveMenus, the menus that can be posted on Facebook and websites are identical to the menus used in-store, giving consumers the full brand experience of the restaurant. “We are now unique in creating the bridge between menus on the table and menus online,” says Jim Williams, Founder and CEO of MustHaveMenus. “Our mission is to help restaurants retain control of their identity wherever their menu appears.”

MustHaveMenus provides menu management services that support every aspect of designing and printing menus, and publishing menus through social, website, and search engine channels. The company is headed by a team of successful entrepreneurs experienced in a wide range of design, print and Internet industries. Privately-held MustHaveMenus is headquartered in Ashland, Oregon. Since 2007, the company has served over 40,000 restaurant members.

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