Ruby Red Trout Fillets Offer Exciting New Menu Options

Ruby Red Trout Fillets Offer Exciting New Menu Options

Clear Springs Foods, a seafood innovator and the nation’s leading provider of sustainable rainbow trout, has now introduced a new flavor favorite, Ruby Red Rainbow Trout fillets. The fish are farm-raised in cold Peruvian inland waters to provide exceptional texture and delicate flavor.  Featuring outstanding quality and superior taste, Ruby Red Trout Fillets are boneless, rich in protein and Omega-3’s and are also trans fat free.

In a Foodservice Radio interview, Alan Kahn, VP of Marketing for Clear Springs Foods, explained why the new Clear Springs Ruby Red Rainbow Trout product is sure to be a hit with your customers.

“The trout is very high in protein and low in fat,” said Kahn. “It’s also high in Omega-3’s so it’s a very healthy product.  It cooks quickly, about three minutes for each side, so it’s very easy to prepare and create different menu items. Ruby Red Trout is a very mild fish. When you cook it, it doesn’t smell fishy and it’s really pleasing to the palate.”

Another reason Kahn cites for the instant popularity of the Ruby Red Trout Fillets is that they can be deliciously prepared in many different ways.

“Most of our customers are pan sautéing them where you put the fillet skin-side down for about three minutes and then you slip it over and put the fillet on the flesh side,” said Kahn. “Because the fish is mild, chefs are using various seasonings such as Italian or Asian seasonings. You can also prepare Ruby Red Trout fillets on a grill, placing them skin-side down, flip them over to the flesh side to get nice grill marks on the fillet and then use any seasoning you wish. Old Bay has been a very popular seasoning used on our product.”

Clear Springs Foods, which has been around for 46 years, is the largest grower, processor and shipper of rainbow trout in the United States. Clear Springs ships fresh and frozen trout across the country on their own trucks, processing approximately 22 million pounds of trout every year.

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Alan Kahn
Vice President of Marketing
Clear Springs Foods