5 Ways to SMASH Your Competition

You know you’re not the only bar or restaurant in your neighborhood. There are probably plenty of places near you—some good, some bad, some in-between. The one thing they all have in common? They’re your competition. If you want to attract customers and increase sales, it’s your job to be better than your competitors. How can you do that? Check out these five ideas for ways you can smash your competition!

1. Understand your competition.

You can’t really beat your competitors unless you know what they’re up to! Be sure you’re aware of all the bars and restaurants in your neighborhood, and keep tabs on what they’re doing. What are their menus like? What sorts of promotions do they run? What clientele do they attract? You can also use Facebook and social media to check out your competition—in this case, a little spying is a good (and easy) thing!

2. Offer stellar service.

Even if another restaurant has great food, service is still key. Your employees are your biggest resource, so make sure they know how to provide the best service possible. And don’t forget to reward your employees—great servers are worth their weight in gold, so you want them to feel valued! Retaining an awesome staff will help you get a leg up on the competition.

3. Up your social media game.

Sure, your competition might have great food and drinks, but are they taking the time to build relationships with customers? Developing a strong social media presence can help you show customers how much you care. Reply to questions, like Instagram photos taken at your restaurant, and run social media promotions and contests. This interaction will go a long way toward keeping loyal customers.

4. Improve your atmosphere.

Of course food, drinks, and service are all important aspects when it comes to your restaurant’s success, but what about atmosphere? Atmosphere is hard to pin down, but think of it as the overall vibe or feeling of your restaurant. Make sure your décor, music, and lighting all fit your brand and make your customers feel comfortable. Also, be sure your customers have something to do when they visit your business. Offering games (like Buzztime BEOND, which lets customers play trivia, arcade, or card games) creates a fun atmosphere and helps you form a community at your bar or restaurant.

5. Be different.

Simply put, you’ll never crush your competition if you do the exact same thing everyone else does! If you follow the advice in Step 1, you’ll be able to pinpoint what your competition doesn’t offer. That’s where you come in! You need to differentiate yourself from the competition and offer something new your customers can’t get anywhere else!

You’ll never be the only bar or restaurant in town, but by putting these ideas into action, you can attract more customers and smash your competition!

Article provided by Buzztime.

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